The gift of being human is a journey, and the written word is my compass.  Navigating the heart takes courage, humility, and faith, and sometimes has a bittersweet ending.  Learning to truly enjoy the sweetness and accept the bitter is a process, enabled by the gift of consciousness that will ultimately bring us home to Spirit.  I share my journey, for it means nothing to me without writing it down so I can begin to fully appreciate it.  I am often a fool, and never perfect, so I tell on myself because my mistakes often become my greatest triumphs. I often end my posts with a simple phrase… Stay Blessed.

My life has taught me that no matter how little I thought I had at any given moment, I always had exactly what I needed, even if I didn’t recognize it at the moment.  Knowing this, I have been blessed more than I realize, and I ask you to recognize in your own life, and to be grateful for each little miracle that is brought your way…  Gratitude is the road that brings us back to our quintessential Spirit.

Stay Blessed


Selfie Portrait

Adela lives in the beautiful Sierra Nevada Foothills with her son, where they are building a small homestead.  She is a freelance writer, activist, hobby-musician, crafter, gardener and student of life.  She has two chapbooks, Whispers in the Dark and Chrysalis which were combined into a published volume, Chrysalis Whispers (found here) in 2010, Lucid- a CD of spoken word pieces, and has recently published her second poetry book, Phoenix Landed.  She is also a broadcaster for KVMR FM in Nevada City, California, bringing you conscious, fun, and sometimes crazy music to uplift the soul on her regular show Ineffable, as well as special features and showcases.

One thought on “About

  1. Wow; you are such a talented writer and poet, Adela! Your work is extreemly engaging, while beeing sweetly touching and very moving. I love that you write what’s real, whats going on in your life so honestly. You are awesome, girl! Keep up the good work and PLEASE let me know if there’s anywhere else online where I may fing your work.
    Thank you!


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